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“I never thought I could change this much by talking about myself. It was sometimes hard work but the right pace for me. I felt reassured and safe."
TL, Female, 28.
“I am amazed about what has happened for me in therapy. I didn't expect to learn so much about myself. My relationship has improved and me and my partner are talking more than we ever did."
BR, Female, 36.
“Men are taught not to talk about their feelings. It helped me see things clearly, especially how my past affected my anger. It was difficult coming to terms with how much time I spent reliving the past. I didn't know I was doing it."
KH, Male, 43.
“I needed a place where I could talk about my experience and not be judged. ABC was a space to be heard. Sometimes I had a laugh with my therapist, they're human too. I can get on with my life now.”
RO'C, Female, 32.
“I don't drink as much or take as many drugs as I used to. I wasn't judged,but the risks of how I live were discussed without being lectured. It was tough sometimes, but I am much calmer and relaxed for it. Best investment I ever made."
JS, Male, 30.
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