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Addiction Recovery...

Dr Stanton Peele's Addiction Recovery Program is offered by ABC Counselling and Psychotherapy
ABC are delighted to be the first clinic in Ireland to offer Dr. Stanton Peele's non-residential addiction recovery program.

The Life Process Program (LPP) has been designed with Dr. Peele to facilitate clients who do not wish to enter a residential recovery program, who would prefer an alternative to the traditional 12-step model, and who believe that with the help of their own support system and therapy they might recover more effectively while continuing with their daily lives.

This program has been developed to facilitate those who wish to take responsibility for their own recovery outside a rehab setting but with the help of trained professionals using a non-twelve step approach.

The program is delivered by accredited psychotherapists who are trained and experienced in working with addiction and misuse issues.

"A revolutionary approach to the treatment of addictions. This should be of enormous help to people struggling with them."
-Aaron T. Beck, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania, founder of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

This program offers the potential of recovery from;-
                                             Alcohol Misuse
                                             Drug Dependency
                                             Gambling Problems

How it Works...

1.   Arrange a free meeting or phone call with a trained therapist at ABC Counselling and Psychotherapy to discuss if this approach might work for you. 

2.   Complete the online exercises given to you each week by your therapist.

3.   Review the completed exercises with your therapist at a regular face to face or Skype session.

4.   Complete the program and schedule top up meetings.

Below is an example  of the content from Module 1 of the gambling program (there are also specific programs for alcohol and drugs) which you will work through with a qualified therapist:

The Life Process Program Module 1

The Life Process Program covers a range of topics designed to get you to think more about your life, your addictive behaviour, and your goals. 

The program begins with a self-assessment to establish a starting point for you and your Life Process therapist. 

The program continues by looking at your values, the resources you currently have or wish to gain, and the goals you want to establish in order to achieve the life you want.
Module 1.0 Self Reflection

Introduction from Stanton Peele

Reading Material covering:
How to Beat Addiction
How Do So Many People Quit Addictions?
What About Gambling as an Addiction?
Where Does the “Brain Disease” Go Wrong? 
How Uncle Ozzie Quit Smoking
People All Around Us Quit Addictions

1.1 Assessment
1.2 Mood Matters
1.3 Resources
1.4 What I value
1.5 Personality
1.6 Greater Horizons
1.7 Plans/Goals
1.8 Narrative
1.9 Skills

Finian Fallon, Practice Manager, Counselling and Addiction Recovery Dublin 2
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